Competition Policy & Research

The Competition Policy & Research Department (CPRD) functions under the supervision of Mr. Mueen Batlay, Member (Competition Policy & Research).

Since the inception of the Commission, research and analysis of the markets has remained a key component of CCP’s efforts to promote free competition, to complement active law enforcement, consultations and advocacy. Given the growing importance of research in the area of competition policy and law, this Department was created in 2011.

The Competition Act requires the CCP to conduct research and review policies as stated in the following sections of the law:

  • Section 28 requires the Commission to conduct studies for promoting competition in all sectors of the economy; and
  • Section 29b empowers the Commission to promote competition through reviewing policy frameworks for fostering competition and making suitable recommendations.
The department’s research and market studies programme helps identify anti-competitive factors/ actions, and propose appropriate remedies for specific policies/ sectors of the economy. Its major activities include focusing on competition policy and conducting sectoral research.

Focusing on Competition Policy

While the competition law strives to ensure that the businesses behave in a reasonable manner to gain market power or to maximize their profits, competition policy has a much broader domain. It covers all the policies that may affect competition in any manner. Defectively designed government policies and regulations also lead to inefficient outcomes from a competition perspective. CPRD helps assess policies to identify interventions and actions that distort competition, such as laws, rules and procedures relating to various aspects of market entry, procurement, etc. The Commission strives to change and modify policies to enhance competition.

Conducting Competition Impact Assessments

CPRD’s approach is primarily to look at various sectors from a competition standpoint and identify competition vulnerabilities, government interventions that may be distorting incentives, information failures and anti-competitive elements within the industry structure. Market studies serve as a diagnostic tool that enables CCP to evaluate as to how competitive the markets are, and work out steps to improve the state of competition in particular sectors. A wide range of competition issues are covered in the reports, including market dominance, entry barriers, the effect of international developments on the national market, and the regulatory mechanism. CCP’s competition assessments are based on extensive efforts to gather first-hand knowledge from relevant stakeholders so as to cover all the relevant aspects. The reports are of interest to policy makers in both the legislative and the executive branches. They are also beneficial to market players, investors, academia and students.

Information Resource Centre

CPRD also manages the Commission’s Information Resource Centre (IRC). Availability of relevant information and documents is vital for research activities. The IRC facilitates the provision of reference material, books, periodical, journals and access to e.resources relating to competition policy and law.

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